Belviq Lorcaserin price

Belviq is an innovative weight loss drug, which came on retail sale only 2 years ago. The developer of Belviq drug is Arena Pharmaceuticals. The cost of developing a new Belviq drug is a trade secret. But according to experts’ prognosis, the costs on Belviq drug development surpass $1.5 billion USD.

All the costs on Belviq development are included in the price of these diet pills. The retail price of Belviq pills was formed in accordance with expenses on:

Development of the molecular formula of an active ingredient – Lorcaserin
Pre-clinical and clinical study of Lorcaserin
Registration and promotion of brand Belviq to the international market
Conduction of post-marketing studies of Belviq (Lorcaserin) pills

Over 60% of money was spent on clinical trials of Belviq (Lorcaserin). High costs on Belviq clinical trials are explained by the fact that the company had to pay wages to the researchers and numerous patients, involved in the trials.

Salary of an employee of the pharmaceutical laboratory may reach $90 000 USD per year. Salaries of patients, who took part in the clinical trials of new drugs, might vary from $15 000 to $30 000 USD per stage.

Given that clinical trials of Belviq have been conducted for over 7 years, it is clear why Belviq cost is higher than the cost for anti-obesity drugs that were available for sale within decades.

Please note that it is hardly possible to evaluate the real cost of Belviq development. The thing is that Arena Pharmaceuticals does not publish the information on development, study and promotion investments of Belviq diet pills to the market. Therefore, even if an academician would write a review on factors, affecting the Belviq cost, he would be able to provide just an approximate assessment.

High price on Belviq will remain until some generics of Belviq appear on the market. If Arena Pharmaceuticals would not sell rights to produce the diet pills containing Lorcaserin to other pharmaceutical companies, the first generic drugs of Belviq will appear only in 2026.

It means that in the nearest future, Belviq cost will not be affected by the competition between manufacturers of cheap generics of Belviq. Therefore, it will be impossible to buy cheap Belviq diet pills any time soon.