The FDA approved Lorcaserin

Lorcaserin is one of the last three drugs approved by the FDA to treat adult people who are really suffering from excess fat. Indication for Lorcaserin use is obesity or overweight, which is accompanied with some cardiometabolic disorders (e.g., diabetes).

Despite the fact that epidemic of obesity is growing in the world, the FDA reluctantly approves new weight loss pills. This is because of the sad story of the withdrawn anti-obesity drugs Fen-Phen and Meridia everyone still remember.

Lorcaserin has successfully passed all clinical trials and a rigorous FDA approval process. Lorcaserin (Belviq) went on sale in 2012 and quickly became popular as among ordinary consumers, so and among obesity specialists in large medical centers.

Lorcaserin is classified as a drug of moderate efficacy, but its use makes it possible to obtain clinically significant weight loss. In order to Lorcaserin works most effectively, it is necessary to improve a balance of physical activity and diet.

A review on effectiveness and safety of Lorcaserin is available on the FDA website. The drug can be recommended to most obese people, but there are exceptions. Contraindications to Lorcaserin use are pregnancy, pediatric patients under 18 years of age and people with severe internal diseases.

Lorcaserin was approved by the FDA despite the objections of some of its own scientific advisors. There were concerns about the fact that Lorcaserin can cause side effects – rash, back pain, nausea, diarrhea and arrhythmia. However, it turned out that such negative reactions are mild and occur rarely in most cases.

Excess fat, especially visceral, in itself increases risks of many medical conditions. Obese people suffer from diabetes and heart diseases more often than people with normal weight do. The risks of Lorcaserin side effects are compensated by loss of extra pounds and improvement of overall health.

According to 2016, Belviq is the only Lorcaserin-containing drug approved by the FDA for marketing. Belviq is a registered trademark of Arena Pharmaceuticals.

A pharmaceutical company Eisai is engaged in distribution in the USA.

It is not secret that branded and especially new anti-obesity drugs are expensive. People are trying to reduce medical expenses, so it is clear their desire to buy cheap generic drugs of Lorcaserin online.

Many more years will pass before the patent protection of Belviq expires and similar drugs by American and European companies go on sale. The situation will change if Indian manufacturers interest in this drug.

The patent system of India has its own characteristics and allows local companies to produce generic drugs of popular brands. In order to buy generic drugs of Belviq in India, services of online pharmacies are required. Modern technologies make the order process quick and easy.