How to lose weight before vacation: bikini diet, detox and weight loss tips from celebrities

Bikini time is just round the corner! And the question “how to lose weight by summer” comes to the fore front, far ahead the classic questions, like “who is to blame” and “what to do”. Well, who is to blame, is more or less clear.

Nutritionists recognize that the effects of winter with a traditional search for spiritual warmth in the fridge impact the waists and hips even of the staunchest healthy lifestyle fans. As for what to do – we’ll tell you right now.


Are you dreaming to brighten up your social networks with breathtaking photos from summer vacation, but are unhappy with how your bikini looks on you? Everything is possible, if you start preparing in advance.

Especially designed diets will not only help you lose weight for summer, but will also improve your health and replenish your internal energy to enjoy every day of the long-awaited vacation.


Duration: 4 weeks;

Peculiarities: Each week consists of five days with your usual menu and two days, during which your daily caloric value is limited to 500 kcal, or six days, with the usual menu and one day of fasting;

Cost: comparable to conventional costs of your daily menu;

Result: up to minus 7 kg for the entire period;

Recommended frequency: no more than once per year;

Additional effect: due to the general recovery, this menu is the prevention of premature aging, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease;

Not suitable for: People aged less than 18, pregnant, nursing, in the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and excretory systems, in diabetes and hypoglycemia. Consult with your doctor before you start this weight loss diet!


The author of the sensational bikini diet, Jacqueline Whitehart, argues that, the eating system she developed can help any woman bring herself into shape for the holiday season. At that, the diet requires just one month of your attention and doesn’t involve exposing yourself to any significant restrictions!

Jacqueline has tried the Bikini diet on herself. In 2012, she managed to get rid of 7 extra pounds in just 4 weeks. The mother of three children described her weight loss experience in the book “The 5: 2 Bikini Diet”, which instantly became a best-selling book across the ocean.

Losing weight by the bikini diet is simple and pleasant, die to the fact that you can adjust this diet meal plan by your preferences and needs, without changing your way of life in your attempts to reconcile the usual schedule and a new menu.

The secret is simple:

Actual ” dietary” days on the bikini diet are only two days a week

You can choose them yourself

Listen to your own feelings and figure out what your body is prepared for

The remaining five days are free from the diet

However, there is a small, yet a very useful, trick.

  • It is assumed that your daily menu on your “diet-free” days consists of certain products in certain healthy combinations.

Their scheme is known – if you want to lose weight and improve your health, you should:

Give up fast food

Limit to a minimum the consumption of sweets and pastries

Consume non-starchy vegetables

Use foods that contain high-quality protein

“Three healthy meals a day minus unhealthy snacks” – this rule of days that are free from calories restriction is given in the book about the bikini diet.

However, the author of the program, Jacqueline Whitehart, does not aim to put women that trust her in a solid cage of prohibitions.

  • She expects that women will be wise and will choose adequate composition and amount of servings for their “diet-free” days. At the same time, kind Jacqueline readily admits that you can afford a chocolate bar and a couple of glasses of wine in one of the five diet-free days of the 5:2 diet.

However, the main effect on the bikini diet that allows you lose weight fast for summer is provided by those decisive two days a week, during which you must limit your daily diet by 500 kcal (to make the menu without errors, you can use, for example, a table foods caloric value).

In her interviews, Jacqueline offers an alternative: to have only one “dietary” day a week. However, such a diet plan requires you completely refusing food on this day and “please” your stomach only with plain drinking water.

According to Whitehart, such a diet for summer is not only effective, but also quite physiologic.

  • The author writes that not a single human body is evolutionarily designed to get the same amount of food with about the same caloric value every day.

Yet, our urban life teaches us to eat exactly like that.

Thus, we overeat, which obviously affects our body shape and causes many problems, including the need to lose weight before vacation.

Such a simple measure as calories “cutoff”:

Balances their total amount during the week

Provides you body with the missing stressor that makes it expend the reserves accumulated

By the way, extremely low-calorie or even hungry days are a common dietetic practice.

They are used to stimulate weight loss process in such programs, as Queen Margaret’s diet, famous for its good reputation.

Jacqueline Whitehart reminds us that you can lose weight for summer faster than you wanted, if you complement your 5:2 diet for weight loss with a fitness load. Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week would be a good addition to your pre-vacation activities.


Wear fitting clothes.

It should not necessarily be very tight. Perhaps the existing rolls and excesses will make it difficult for you to wear clothes that make those even more prominent. Aim for clothes that sit well on your body. 

If you wear something baggy, loose and leave room for eating maneuvers, it becomes easy as a pie to eat too much. The sensational corset diet uses a similar mechanism of action. A well fit dress, pants, suit or jacket, firstly, improve your self-esteem, and secondly complicate overeating from the physical point of view. 

The rule also applies to your home clothes, as well!

Do not get too involved in tasting when cooking a weekly supply of food for the entire family.

Better chew a gum plate. Yet, remember not to chew gum on an empty stomach. It will be a good way of saving you from “having bites”, yet will never not replace normal food intake.

Speaking of normal food intake – never miss them!

This is especially relevant while on a slimming diet. (The exception is the eating systems similar to 5:2 diet, which involve having a hungry day). 

Eat the allowed food in small portions at regular intervals during the day.

This will help you stabilize your sugar level and will keep you safe from hunger attacks.

Become a snob – treat your food meticulously! 

Perhaps, intelligibility in products and dishes may seem an eccentricity for some people, but it’s a good way to wean yourself away from eating everything you are given, in any amount you are given.

With your eyes wide open, reduce the variety of your dishes. 

Variety creates appetite. When the fridge is stuffed with goodies, your thoughts (and feet!) keep getting back into the kitchen. 

Buy products in compliance with the pre-made list.
When you go out for a lunch, avoid locations with a buffet or a large tempting selection of quickly served food.


Duration: 3 weeks;

Features: helps cleanse the body of toxins. It is suitable in intolerance to gluten and lactose;

Cost: Depending on the choice of products and the season (fruits and vegetables are cheaper in summer);

Result: minus 3-5 kg;

Recommended frequency: once per year;

Additional effect: skin cleansing, bowel function normalization;

Not suitable for: people aged less than 18, pregnant, nursing, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and excretory body systems. Never forget to consult a doctor before you start any weight loss diet, especially when you have any kind of health condition!


This diet that was developed in the faraway Australia will not only help you lose weight before vacation, but will also help you cleanse your body from all sorts of harmful effects of:

Air pollution

Chemical additives in food

Cigarette smoke


Judging by the fact that Australia is famous for its beaches and divine bodies of local inhabitants, they know how to choose a proper weight loss diet for summer.

Australian weight loss for the summer, Week 1: Preparation

Gradually, throughout a week, reduce the amount of coffee and alcohol, and get used to drink more water. It is convenient to keep on hand a large bottle and take a sip every time your sight falls on it. Experts believe that it is a lot more useful to drink water in small portions (about a cup of espresso) and often, instead of drinking it in glasses every three hours.

Developers of the Australian detox diet warn:

  • During the caffeine “withdrawal” period, many people face a variety of side effects, including headaches, fatigue, and even… a runny nose. This is the result of toxins elimination!
  • During the Week Preparation, start every morning with a glass of water with a tablespoon of lemon juice:
  • This simple measure has a positive effect on your liver, which is a crucial body organ for the detoxification process.

Your menu for the Week Preparation should include:

  • fresh vegetables (focus on green and leafy)
  • germinated grain
  • fresh fruits and berries, especially acidic
  • nuts and seeds
  • gluten-free grains, like brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat
  • legumes, like chickpeas, lentils, beans
  • tofu
  • protein sources, like egg, chicken, turkey
  • sauces and spices, like sea salt, first cold pressed olive oil, apple cider vinegar, organic honey, tahini.

During the first week of the Australian detox diet, you should not eat:

  • gluten-containing grains. like oats, wheat (bakery of gluten grains flour)
  • protein sources, like pork, beef, seafood, any sausages and all industrially processed meat
  • products
  • dairy products, like whole milk, yogurt, cheese, butter
  • refined foods, like white rice, sugar, white flour products
  • semi-finished goods
  • sweets, like preserves, jams, chocolate
  • alcohol, black tea, soda, juice
  • sauces and spices, like refined salt, margarine and spreads, all-ready sauces.

Australian diet plan to lose weight for summer, Week 2: Detox

Since the accumulated toxins continue to get into your blood and excrete from the body, your overall well-being may be unfamiliar, and you might have not enough forces for enhanced weight loss exercises in gym. However, maintaining high physical activity is very important:

You can use aerobic loads (simple walking on foot) as good alternative fitness workouts.

Experts warn that Australian detox diet can trigger carbs and sugar “withdrawal” syndrome.

Thus, they offer two recipes to combat them:

Frozen grapes (you can suck them like candy),

Cinnamon tea

Menu of Week 2 should be developed by weight losing people on their own in compliance with the following rules:

Three main meals + two snacks

Small portions, about 250 grams

Add protein-rich products for each breakfast, lunch and dinner (thus avoid hunger)

Remember to drink water!

Lose weight for summer with Australian detox diet: menu for a week

Breakfast: a serving of boiled quinoa with a handful of pumpkin seeds and berries, green tea
Snack: one fruit (any, except bananas) with green tea
Lunch: a large salad of raw vegetables, grilled chicken breast with tahini
Snack: hummus with celery sticks and green tea
Dinner: steamed salmon steak with steamed green beans.

Australian Detox Diet Menu

Australian detox diet to lose weight by summer, Week 3: Countdown

By the beginning of this week, dieters are getting used to a new eating style and get pleasure from it:

You have lots of energy that you are so willing to spend for weight loss exercises!

Product selection is still driven by healthy “green” and protein options.

Hwever, your weight loss diet menu is complemented with:

Fresh fruit juices

Vegetable smoothies

These act as snacks and help you supply your body with vitamins and fiber, which gives you a pleasant feeling of satiety.

Slim down before summer with Australian detox diet: diet withdrawal menu for a week

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables, green tea
Snack: smoothie of ½ avocado, 200ml coconut milk, fresh mint, 1 teaspoon of honey
Lunch: steamed vegetables with beans
Snack: a glass of grapefruit-carrot freshly squeezed juice
Dinner: grilled turkey steak, a large salad of leafy vegetables and sprouted grains with olive oil.

Australian Detox Diet Menu 2


Worldwide celebrities are simple people, so they are also not sage from the seasonal “weight gain”. Sometimes, they share their secrets for getting rid of extra pounds before the onset of the warm season.

As the summer approaches, the American singer Katy Perry gets on the original “M-diet” for a couple of weeks. “M” in its name comes from mushroom. 

The essence of this effective weight loss diet lies in the fact that:

You must eat 4 times a day

The main ingredient of your meals should be various fungi

Mushrooms contain about 70% of bioavailable protein and have a low glycemic index, thus helping Katy Perry lose weight in a very simple and delicious way.

  • For the issue of weight loss by summer, the eccentric author and singer Boy George relies on the blood type diet. Boy recognizes that in decisive moments of life, when freshening up in a relatively short period of time is something indispensable, blood type diet becomes the best ally for his mother, and his brother, and many of his friends.
  • “Even though we all get a different menu on this weight loss diet, it really works!” tells the singer with a happy smile.
  • Britney Spears, who, like a phoenix, managed to revive and return to the stage slim and radiant many times during her career, resigned to the fact that she could not live without Brownies and spaghetti. Thus, she found another way to lose weight for summer.

She alternates:

  • 90-minute yoga classes twice a week,
  • 3-hour cardio workouts (3 days a week).

Thus, Britney avoids psychologic trauma of breaking up with her favorite dishes and is not ashamed to show her slim body in a bikini.

  • An actress, a wrestler, the girlfriend of George Clooney and simply a hot babe Stacy Keibler, in an interview said that when she needed to lose weight for a vacation, where she is always caught by paparazzi, she turns to Gwyneth Paltrow diet.

Let us remind you that the British actress became famous not only for her roles, but also for the original healthy dishes recipes that are suitable for a full family table.

Curiously, when Gwyneth Paltrow needs to lose a few extra pounds before the warm season, she doesn’t rely entirely on her own cookbook. She resorts to:

  • Daily two-hour workouts.

When asked how she manages to find extra hours in her busy schedule, the movie star answers simply: “In such periods, I get up two hours earlier than usual”