Nutritionist of Suki Waterhouse revealed the secrets of the model’s perfect body

Nutritionist of Suki Waterhouse revealed the secrets of the model’s perfect body

Suki Waterhouse

We just can’t stop admire the figure of the 23-year-old Suki Waterhouse. Such a toned and slender body is a dream of many women. Guru of a healthy lifestyle and model’s nutritionist, Russell Bateman, shared tips to help you be in a better shape and bring benefits to your health.

The biggest fan of Russell is the model Suki Waterhouse. It is the workouts by Russell Bateman and his eating system that help Suki Waterhouse keep her body in shape. So, she can afford wearing revealing outfits and safely show her perfect body in photo shoots for various magazines.

Other popular women, who happen to be huge fans of Bateman, are

Nicole Scherzinger

Ellie Goulding

Millie Mackintosh

Russell Bateman

Russell believes that using single workouts will never help you achieve great results, and recommends to adhere to a proper healthy nutrition at the same time. Russell came up with specific exercises that help many people get rid of excess weight. He is sure that people should meditate every day to sleep better at night.

The bodies of the abovementioned celebrities make us think that they literally live in the gym. However, workouts is not the only thing they use to be in such a shape. All these young women keep to the eating system by Russell Bateman, the main principles of which are provided further in our article.

Water with lemon

Add lemon juice to your usual water. The juice will help you burn fat. This drink is especially useful during workouts. It will provide a double blow in the fight against calories.

Clean your fridge

Are you willing to lead a healthy lifestyle? Then you have to clean the kitchen from all the fast food, pasta and sauces. Go to the vegetable market and fill your fridge with useful and natural products.

Strength of will

Bateman believes that we must learn to prioritize between what we want and what is best for our health. He advises to buy a delicious cake, leave the store and throw it in the trash. This technique will help you temper yourselves to not eat something that is harmful for your body, even if it is very tasty.

Perfect menu for the day


Meat or fish, quinoa, a small handful of nuts


Meat with some potato with broccoli


Boiled eggs, spinach and sweet potatoes

*Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are vital for your body. They help lose weight, and, in some cases, even lift your mood.

Charge of energy in the morning

Many people wake up already tired. Familiar? There are two reasons:

  1. lack of sleep,
  2. low blood sugar.

Solution: sleep 7-8 hours and increase sugar levels. At the same time, Russell does not advise to start consuming chocolate. His advice is to have one or two tablespoons of almond oil before going to bed. In the morning, you will wake up incredibly energetic.

Constantly moving

You have to be a very active person to prolong your life to the maximum extent. Even if you are very tired and want to lie down or sit in front of a TV, try to get up and walk at least once in 20 minutes, for example, to the kitchen to pour yourself some water.

Meditate every day

Do not think that meditation will immediately turn you into a yogi, make you move to Bali and sing mantras. Meditation will help you sleep better and reduce the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

Alcoholic beverages

Russell advises not to consume alcohol at all, because it is harmful to your health. However, he realizes that not everyone is capable of abandoning it, so he made a list of drinks, which should be given preference in the first place. In the end of the list, you will find the ones, which are still best to abstain:

  • vodka,
  • gin,
  • tequila,
  • whiskey,
  • dry champagne,
  • dry white wines,
  • white wines,
  • red wines,
  • dessert wines,
  • beer (it contains most toxins).


Prevent hangovers:

If you get to a party and want to have a couple of cocktails, Russell advised to drink a glass of water after every serving of alcohol. Even better, if you add vitamin C to the water. Then, the process of toxins removal will go significantly faster.

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