1. Top BELVIQ (Lorcaserin) alternatives without script

  1. Adipex 75 – from 8.45$ per cap (Abbott Laboratories)
  2. Adipex (by TEVA Pharmaceuticals)
  3. Phentermine – from 7.95$ per cap (Magnus Pharmaceuticals)

2. Herbal BELVIQ alternatives

  1. PhenQ
  2. Phen375

The FDA established a very high standard for anti-obesity drugs. Such measures are necessary to minimize risks of negative health effects. Diet pills Lorcaserin have been approved by the FDA that indicates usefulness of this drug.

The FDA advisors studied the results of Lorcaserin clinical trials and voted for approval of this drug. Voting was conducted several times and was not unanimous that shows how difficult to get approval for weight loss pills.

The first review on diet pills Lorcaserin, posted on the FDA website, raised various questions about the drug risks, in particular, possible problems with thinking, worsening of heart function and intestinal disorders. However, tone of this review, it seemed, was not harsh that immediately interested specialists from large weight loss centers.

More than half of the Americans suffer from overweight; their number is constantly increasing, so the market of successful diet pills is huge. Experts say that there is a need for more effective medicines, since previously developed had high risks of side effects.

Adequate use of diet pills Lorcaserin helps to curb obesity without negative health risks. If Lorcaserin did not help to reduce 5 percent of body weight within 12 weeks or if this drug caused side effects, the course of obesity treatment can be adjusted.

Treating obesity can also be a good way to deal with other health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension. It has been proven that loss of excess fat with Lorcaserin decreases level of harmful cholesterol and stabilizes blood pressure.

To quickly and effectively get rid of the hated fat, you must follow the recommended dosing regimen. To control appetite throughout the day, take a Lorcaserin 10mg diet pill twice a day.

Lorcaserin is known under the brand name Belviq in the United States. The manufacturer of Belviq is Arena Pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical company Eisai is the only supplier of diet pills Belviq (Lorcaserin) in the USA.

People suffering from obesity can buy diet pills Lorcaserin in the branded package that protects the drug from negative impact of external factors. One package contains 60 Lorcaserin pills that are sufficient for a month of obesity treatment.

Significant time, scientific, monetary and production resources are expended on development of new anorexigenic drugs, so price on Lorcaserin 10mg diet pills remains quite high at this time.

People’s interest in appetite suppressants is constantly increasing, so the subsequent increase of sales should reduce the price of weight loss pills Lorcaserin.

If the person wants to use a cheaper anti-obesity drug, such drug as Phentermine can be recommended. This drug was approved more than 50 years ago and is well known both to ordinary consumers and to health professionals.