A smart diet: how to lose weight and boost IQ

Smart weight loss diet is a nutrition style, which allows demonstrating not only craving for beauty, but also the capacity for intellectual work in progress of choosing right products in adequate quantities. When the weight loss goes hand in hand with the brain improvement, the idea that it is time to change your eating habits forever does not bring grief, but the enthusiasm.

Smart weight loss diet gives dieters the opportunity to choose products on their own from a rather extensive list. It is logical not forget of the brain needs at the same time. For optimum performance, it needs iodine.

The deficit of this microelement is typical for a large number of our planet’s population.

It is not a coincidence that walnuts are considered to be the perfect “food for brain”. It contains iodine in a useful concentration and, apparently, even by its appearance resembles a tiny brain!

Smart Diet – a new old eating culture?

Smart diet for weight loss is a diet in the most general sense. It does not dictate any limited time frames and does not promise any specific results. It is expected that in the course of this diet, which you can follow as long as you wish, you control the size of your portions and choose only healthy nutritious foods (see list below).

You should cook them in a well thought-out way:

  • boil, steam and bake on the grill without oil everything you can’t eat raw,
  • everything else should be eaten fresh.

The goal of smart diet is help the dieter return his physiological dietary habits.

When choosing natural products that weren’t industrially processed, food you consume is digested fully. This helps avoiding painful obsessional hunger, familiar to those who are accustomed to semi-finished high in calories products.

Smart Diet

You can achieve long-term satiety through consuming food that is rich in:

  • dietary fiber,
  • pectin,
  • unsaturated fatty acids,
  • bioavailable animal protein.

Large amounts of vegetable help not only make our dishes look nice, but also be attractive in terms of volume.

Smart weight loss diet that doesn’t exclude any of the macronutrients (basic food components) provides a creative space for the development of the daily meal plan.

When you are on the weight loss phase, you can focus not on counting calories, but:

  • on the recommended daily amount of certain products,
  • your own feelings and desires, which will help you choose the right portion size and meals composition.

Smart weight loss diet: allowed products

  • Bread: whole wheat, bran – no more than 150 grams per day
  • Soups: vegetable soup, thick vegetarian soups (no more than 1 tbsp potatoes or cereals per serving), soups of weak broth of meat or fish (no more than 2 times per week) – 250 ml per day
  • Meat: natural, lean, with no visible fat – 150 g per day
  • Fish and seafood – no more than 300 grams per day
  • Milk and dairy products: low-fat with no additives – no more than 150 grams per day
  • Eggs: Hard-boiled or scrambled eggs – 1 piece per day
  • Groats: buckwheat, oats, lentils, brown rice, quinoa – no more than 50 grams of dry cereal per day
  • Vegetables: any, preferably raw (limit potatoes, carrots, beets) – no more than 800 grams per day
  • Fruits: any, preferably raw (except bananas, grapes, with caution – dried fruit) – no more than 300 grams per day
  • Beverages: tea and coffee without additives, drinking water without gas – no more than 2 liters per day
  • Fat: vegetable oil – not more than 20 ml per day, butter – no more than 10 grams per day
  • Nuts and seeds – no more than 30 grams per day
  • Sauces, spices: spices without any additives, tomato sauce with no additives
  • Desserts: biscuits without sugar (3-4 pcs. per day), fruit sugar-free mousses and jellies, dietary pastille – no more than 50 grams per day.
Smart Diet Products

Smart Diet: 7 products that are useful for the brain

Giving a mindful approach to your weight loss diet, you should ensure the presence of things that this very mind includes! The human brain is indeed a smart body organ, because its functioning requires a set of useful healthy products, which will even “garnish” the smart weight loss diet plan.

1. Whole grains

– provide the brain with “long-lasting” energy through the glucose, found in the long carbohydrate chains.

2. Walnuts

– contain iodine, the deficit of which significantly reduces your performance efficiency, and vitamin E that saves your brain and nerve cells from dying prematurely.

Smart Diet 7 Products

3. Marine oil-rich fish

– contains omega-3 fatty acids that are the most effective substances for maintaining and improving brain function.

4. Broccoli

– contains vitamin K, necessary for the maintenance of higher brain functions (memory, attention, understanding, knowledge, articulation, psychomotor).

5. Blueberries

– studies have shown that these delicious berries should definitely be included into a smart diet, because they have an amazing ability to reduce the risk of short-term memory loss.

6. Sage

– both fresh and dried greenery of this spicy plant contain essential oil, the ability of which to improve memory was proved by scientists.

7. Tomatoes

– tomato diet not only helps lose weight, but also reduces the level of dangerous for the brain beta-amyloids that cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Smart diet without sugar – get your body control back!

“Sugar smart diet” is a nutrition style that was offered by an American, Anne Alexander.

IN her book f the same name, she set out her concerns about the amount of sugar consumed by modern people, and suggestions for the situation improvement. 

Author of “Sugar smart diet” claims that by using her advice and simply by avoiding foods that contain explicit and hidden sugar, you can lose weight by almost 8 kg per month!

Anne Alexander gives truly monstrous figures:

  • an average American consumes in at least 60 kg of pure sugar a year,

and a third of this mountain belongs to soda, packaged juices and coffee beverages from the specialized networks.

Sugar smart diet assumes that you are aware of the fact that any industrially processed, refined foods contain added sugar or carbohydrate chain of the product is changed so that:

  • the caloric value of the food increases dramatically,
  • the released glucose flows quickly into the blood,
  • this causes a rise in insulin levels,
  • this leads to the subsequent outbreak of famine.

This is why sugar-containing industrially “improved” products are so dangerous:

  • they make you eat more!
Diet Without Sugar

The list of prohibitions on Sugar smart diet includes:

  • industrial sauces,
  • ready-made fruit yoghurts,
  • Chinese take-out food (especially with your favorite sweet and sour sauce!),
  • dried fruit,
  • agave syrup,
  • chewing marmalade,
  • muesli bars,
  • all industrially produced drinks, including energy ones.

The author of the Sugar smart diet encourages you to:

1. switch to healthy foods,
2. give up white flour, fast food, semis and sugars,
3. drink clean water,
4. change your eating habits,
5. break decisively with the physiological and emotional cravings for sweets.

And your kilos will leave you. You will look and feel much better after a couple of weeks.

A smart diet: golden rules

Having realized that a smart diet is exactly the diet plan that you need to lose weight, maintain a sufficient level of energy, and continue to enjoy life, you should not forget that the creation of a proper diet, of course, does play a key role. However, you will benefit your health and body even more, if you combine it with a smart lifestyle.

Survive the first week

The first week of the diet is always critical. Smart diet is a long-term one, therefore, taking a long distance, be prepared for the fact that you will feel tired and lethargic in the beginning. However, the first seven days are usually sufficient for the body to adapt to new conditions.

In addition, the first slimming result will arrive by the end of the second week, and this is your main motivator!

Do not skip meals

Getting food less often, you do not lose weight.

  • a missed breakfast turns into overeating at dinner almost every time!

Perhaps, you will consume the same amount of calories. However, your body experiences stress, when it is devoid of energy at first, and then loaded with it to the fullest. A guarantee of a comfortable metabolism is a uniform food flow. Thus, the nutritionists recommend

  • eating more often (5 times a day), yet in small portions.
Do not skip meals

Always have water at hand

As a matter of fact, scientific studies show that not every single person requires a couple of liters of water a day for normal life.

Many people drink a lot less without causing any problems to their bodies.

Yet, this is true for all healthy people who are satisfied with their weight.

When you are actively losing weight and changing your life style (things that happen when on smart diet), you do need water, since it:

  • regulates body temperature,
  • transports the “garbage”,
  • provides transportation of materials, needed for cell renewal.
Always have water at hand

Control stress and get enough sleep

Sufficient sleep duration when on a smart diet is almost more important than the very healthy menu. 

Only a healthy sleep provides your brain and nerves with a resource for recovery. Excess of worries and the deficit of rest provoke production of the hormone cortisol. It is notorious for its ability to block the burning of fat reserves.

So, breathe deeply, relax, fall asleep until midnight, and – get thin!