liepajan diet

Liepaja is the Estonian city, where the doctor Lev Hazan lived, who developed his own weight loss method, which helped to get rid of excess weight to a huge number of women all over the world. Therefore, this diet was called Liepajan.


The diet is built in such a way that the slimming person does not experience painful hunger, and loses extra pounds at the same time. This is possible due to the unique combination of products that form the basis of the menu.

Since the diet is considered strict, it is forbidden to exercise while observing it. The main task that the slimmer has to deal with is to learn eating small portions of food. A measuring cup and a ruler will come to the rescue, and will allow you to control the amount of food you eat.

The basic principles of the Liepajan diet are as follows:

  1. The menu must be observed strictly by the day.
  2. Control the portion size.
  3. Approach the table 3 times a day at intervals of five and a half hours.
  4. Observe the regime of the day.Obligatory have a good night rest, and sleep at least 8 hours.
  5. No alcohol allowed.
  6. Drink at least 1.75 liters of clean water in the cold season.In summer, bring this volume to 2 liters. Juice and coffee are not included in these numbers.
  7. Monitor your skin condition.To skin sagging, regularly make cosmetic procedures.
  8. If the Liepajan diet lasts longer than 30 days, the intake of the vitamin and mineral complex is a mandatory condition.
  9. Monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose level every day.

*The full dietary course is designed for 3-4 months, but it is in the first 30 days that you will be able to lose the coveted 10 kg of excess weight.


You can eat the following foods:

Greens, Eggplant / zucchini, Cabbage / broccoli / sauerkraut, Boiled cauliflower, Potatoes, Green onions, Cucumber / tomato, Lettuce, Bell pepper, Beetroot / Asparagus, Pumpkin,

Boiled and fried pork, Beef / beef tongue, Rabbit, High-quality wiener, Boiled / fried chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Sprats

Apple, Bread, Nuts, Dried herbs, Dietary mayonnaise, Honey, 0% fat milk / 1% fat yogurt / 15% fat sour cream,

Butter, Olive Oil, Mineral water, Unsweetened tea, Juice

Products that contain simple carbohydrates are banned completely. And the list includes:

  • sugar,
  • pastries,
  • pasta,
  • some fruits (bananas, grapes, melons, pears).

Therefore, you need to learn how to drink tea, coffee and juices without adding sugar. In addition, you can not add milk, cream, lemon, or artificial sweeteners to your drinks.

You are allowed to eat no more than 1200 kcal a day. To make sure that you don’t exceed this limit, you should limit the consumption of fatty varieties of meat, fish and cheeses. You do not have to refuse salt, yet you should reduce its consumption. Better replace usual salt with sea salt. To add more flavor and aroma to your food, you can add spices. Alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks should be removed from your menu during the entire diet course.






Tea, a slice of cheese and toast with butter.

Vegetable salad of 3 ingredients, juice.

“Red salad”*, oven baked fish, toast, tea.

Tea, cheese, toast.

Fish, vegetable juice.

Yogurt, Greek salad.

Tea, two boiled eggs.

Vegetables with cheese and juice.

“Red salad”*, fish balls, toast, milk.

Toast, tea.

Vegetables, fish.

Vegetable salad, cheese.

Tea, two boiled eggs, toast.

Vegetable salad with mayonnaise dressing, juice.

Fish balls, cheese, vegetables, milkshake.

Cheese, tea, toast.

Baked fish and vegetables, juice.

Toast, salad, yogurt.

Cottage cheese with honey and walnuts.

A fruit, a glass of milk.

A glass of milk.

*“Red salad”: Cut and mix baked potato, beets, carrots, fresh onion and sauerkraut or pickles (select proportions to your taste)


The Liepajan diet has the following advantages:

  • The nutrition system is not “hungry”, so it can be considered safe.
  • You have a choice of food products.
  • All dishes will be useful for your body, you cook them yourself.
  • Weight will go away very quickly.

The shortcomings of the diet include:

  • You can not change dishes in the menu at your discretion, or use products from the banned list.
  • Skipping meals is unacceptable.

The diet has certain contraindications, among which:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • strength exercises.